Concerned Citizens and Friends of Ontario

Serving the Sierra Leonean community in Ontario


15 Years of Building the Sierra Leone Community in the Diaspora.

Concerned Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone (CCFSL) was formed in 1985 and incorporated in 1988 as a non-profit, community based, cultural organization. The founding members saw the need for bringing Sierra Leoneans together to strengthen our community. This is still the principle upon which the organization operates.

We continue to cater to the needs of the diverse children, youth, adults and seniors in our community

What We Do

What We Do

Build the Sierra Leone community in Ontario
  • provide and promote an environment where Sierra Leonean-Canadians, Sierra Leoneans and Canadians can discuss matters of mutual interest to both countries;
  • promote the interests and well-being of Sierra Leonean-Canadians within the context of the association’s constitution;
  • To encourage and facilitate bi-lateral developments between the two countries, especially education, economic and social issues;
  • provide and support members in need within the framework of the constitution.
  • provide a forum in which Sierra Leonean-Canadians, Sierra Leoneans and Canadians in Ontario can interact and share knowledge in a mutually beneficial manner;
  • encourage social and multi-cultural relationships among Sierra Leonean-Canadians and others;
  • provide a platform for the discussion of national and international issues as they affect members and the general public in various communities in Ontario;
  • promote trade and commerce, tourism and multi-cultural exchange between Sierra Leone and Canada;
  • facilitate inter-multi-cultural exchange with organizations of similar interests;
  • promote friendship, awareness, knowledge and understanding,

— Our Mission

Concerned Citizens and Friends of Sierra Leone (CCFSL) was created for the purpose of bringing together all Sierra Leoneans, their spouses and children living in Ontario, in order to develop mechanisms and processes that will help identify the needs of the Sierra Leone community and seek ways and means to address those needs.


— Our Vision

Strong families and communities


— Our Story

Promote, inspire, and enrich the lives of all Sierra Leonean children, new comers, and families through programs addressing social, spiritual, and educational needs.



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